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Workforce Literacy Program

Workforce LiteracyThe ability to speak and understand English greatly expands employment opportunities for immigrants and refugees who seek a livable wage so they can support themselves and their family.  The VMLC Workforce Program provides evening classes which help adults increase their English literacy so they can obtain, retain or improve their employment.

Evening Classes for Working Students

For adult students who work during the day, VMLC provides evening classes available at seven levels of English proficiency.  Students attend classes twice a week -  either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday, from 7 – 9 p.m. With seven class levels, VMLC can address each student’s level of capability.  Small class sizes (15 – 20 students) allow the volunteer teachers to tailor their instruction to the fields in which their students work.


Opportunity for a Better Future

VMLC offers evening classes and tutoring for students to earn a GED certificate or qualify for US Citizenship.  Enrichment activities are also available  – including computer labs, financial literacy classes and coaching, as well as an employability class . With increased confidence that results from improved English language skills, some skilled students continue their education at technical schools, colleges and universities. 

Class Requirements

  • Students must reside in the immediate zip code area to be enrolled in VMLC classes: Vickery Meadow campus (75231) ,  West Dallas (75212), or East Dallas (75204. 75206, 75214, 75223, 75226 or 75246).
  • Students are required to take an English proficiency test to insure assignment to the proper class level. These tests are given at the beginning and end of each semester.
  • Because immersion is a critical aspect of learning language, regular on-time attendance is mandatory.


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