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Early Childhood Program

Children From non-English Speaking Families Have Unique Needs

Children's LiteracyA parents’ lack of English language proficiency creates limitations that impact all aspects of family life - and these issues are compounded by poverty. If the children do not develop English vocabulary and language skills at a young age, they are unprepared for success in school and, as adults, will continue the cycle of generational poverty. The VMLC Early Childhood Education Program provides a child-centered, literacy rich environment for children age 4 months to five years old.  For many of these children, VMLC is the only educational opportunity prior to entering elementary school. 

Synergistic Learning of Parent & Child Prepares for Success in Elementary School

The VMLC Early Childhood Education Program is available to the children of parents who are participating in VMLC’s Family English Literacy Program.  This allows families the opportunity to attend school together and parents the ability to set a powerful daily example for their children on the importance of education.  Through daily participation children learn in environment that is all conducted in English.  This immersion expands their English vocabulary and prepares each child to be successful in elementary school.

Classes take place concurrently with the Family English Literacy classes - Monday thru Thursday - and are available in the morning (9 to 11 am) and afternoon (12:30 to 2:30 pm).

Teaching Focused on the Child

At VMLC, the children’s curriculum emerges based on the interests and imagination of the children. Rather than using pre- established subject matter, VMLC teachers begin with observation of the child.  This approach creates a unique opportunity for "teachable moments" and is particularly effective for children newly learning the English language as it builds on their prior knowledge and interest.  Many of the teachers are VMLC graduates and thus have personal experience with the issues faced by the families we serve.   Teachers in the VMLC Early Childhood Education Program are invested in our program because they have personally experienced its power to change their lives through literacy.


  • Enrollment is limited to young children (ages 4 months to 5 years) of parents enrolled in VMLC’s Family English Literacy daytime classes
  • Students must reside in the immediate zip code area to be enrolled in VMLC classes: Vickery Meadow campus (75231) ,  West Dallas (75212), or East Dallas (75204. 75206, 75214, 75223, 75226 or 75246).
  • Because immersion is a critical aspect of learning language, regular on-time attendance is mandatory.


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